Sales conditions

  1. Alu Sport Equipment is the commercial name of B&M Projects bvba.
  2. All invoices are payable in cash on the due date unless otherwise specified on the invoice.
  3. In the event of non-payment  of the amount of the invoice upon maturity, from that day forward, interests amounting to 12,5% per annum will automatically and without further notice have to be paid. Furthermore, a compensation amounting to 10% of the amount of the invoice will be due. In case court proceedings are necessary when commercial transactions are concerned, the customer/trader will be furthermore held liable for the compensation of the costs and fees of the lawyer that was appointed by B&M Projects bvba, all in accordance with the European regulatory framework  and the Law on the Suppression of late payment in commercial transactions.
  4. Only the Belgian law is applicable to all disagreements concerning the orders that were executed by B&M Projects bvba.
  5. Only the Belgian courts, and more particularly the courts of the Arrondissement Tongeren are empowered.
  6. In case of a dispute, the Belgian law is applicable and the Belgian courts of the Arrondissement Limburg, Department Tongeren will be empowered. The verdicts to be pronounced by this court will be certified in accordance with Regulation EG No. 1215/2012 as a European Enforcement Order, to ensure the verdict to be carried out directly abroad under this title.
  7. Goods that were delivered remain under the ownership of B&M Projects bvba until the invoice is paid.
  8. Current contractual terms shall always prevail over conflicting terms of the contracting party of B&M Projects bvba.
  9. Complaints have to be filed in writing and clearly defined  to Alu Sport Equipment within 3 days after delivery.
  10. In the event of late payment of the first outstanding invoice leading to judicial collection, all other outstanding invoices and consignment invoices will be eligible,  even if they are not yet due.