Back frame wheels

  • Pneumatic (AI) or Polyurethan tire (PU) with RVS profile
  • Alignment marks for specific football goals
  • Fixation on the rear (or side) of the football goal
  • Per unit

Rear frame of the wheels

The rear frame of the wheels consists of a stainless steel frame which has to be locked in the groove of the football goal profile.

This frame consists of a pneumatic tire with a synthetic rim and secured ball bearings which makes this unit stainless.

The rear frame of the wheels is firmly attached to the rear side (or side) of the portable football goal. Depending on the dimensions of the profile, the correct height of the wheel has to be set. This can be done very easily by the alignment marks on the frame.

For soccer goals up to 7 metres, 2 caster wheels are sufficient. For football goals over 7 metres, 3 caster wheels are required.

You can find the instruction manual (T-Fiche) on this website.

Since the wheel does not touch the surface, the football goal has to be lifted at the front when it is transported.

  • TW001-AI (/Piece)
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  • TW001-PU (/Piece)
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