‘Easy Lift’ system

  • 4 Pneumatic (AI) or polyurethaan tires (PU) with a tilting system
  • For all portable football goals
  • Fixation on the side of the football goal
  • Per set (2 wheels on the left side – 2 wheels on the right side)

The ‘Easy Lift’ system … to easily transport a football goal

The ‘Easy Lift’ system is a lever system which makes the wheel spin with a lever, pushing the football goal upwards. Because of the fact that the wheel turns a little bit further than its tipping point, the football goal stays in an open position.

The frame consists of stainless parts that can be secured in the groove of the goal profile. Attached to the frame is a swivel tire with synthetic rim and secured ball bearings.

By attaching 2 systems on both sides of the football goal, it can be easily transported to the right location.

The weight of the football goal is spread over these 4 systems, which results in the fact that the football goal can be lifted very easily.

You can find the instruction manual (T-Fiche) on this website.