Line marking equipment

  • Aluminum frame, fully welded
  • Equipped with pneumatic tires
  • Axle fitted with SKF bearing housings
  • Axle equipped with a nut for a drilling machine
  • On top provided with holes for the pegs
  • Eyebolt for the conduction of the rope included
  • Equipped with anchor points which have to be secured at the bottom

Draw your field with the ‘Alusport line marking equipment’

The frame of our line marking machine consists of aluminum and forms a fully welded unit. The pneumatic tires with secured ball bearings run smoothly on every kind of football field.

On the bottom, there are anchor points to firmly secure the equipment in the ground. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with an eye bolt to conduct the rope. On top, there are holes for the pegs.

The cylinder can store from 1,500 up to 3,000 meters of rope, depending on the thickness. Per revolution, 1 meter of rope is coiled. The axle of the cylinder is securely fitted with SKF bearing housings. Furthermore, the axle is equipped with a nut to fastly roll up the cord with a drilling machine.

You can find the instruction manual (T-Fiche) on this website.

  • HSPW001 (/Unit)
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