Foundation block

  • Concrete block: 76 kg
  • RVS cotter bolt and nut cap included
  • For dugouts, anti-vandal football goals and benches
  • Per unit

For fix anchor points in a hard surface

The foundation blocks or concrete blocks weigh 76 kg and are used to secure dugouts, benches and anti-vandal soccer goals in a hard surface.

Depending on the number of anchor points of the product, a hole is dug for the fixation blocks. After that, a hole for the cotter bolts is made whereafter the products are secured and finished with nut caps.

There are equally as much fixation blocks and cotter bolts provided, as there are anchor points. This in order to guarantee stability.

You can find the instruction manual (T-Fiche) on this website.

  • BTP001 (/Unit)
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